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Re: fdisk_and_dbootstrap_problem

Jacek Achremowicz <mfachrem@cyf-kr.edu.pl> writes:

> Dear Debian Users,
> How to do something like:
> 'debootstrap --arch amd64 sarge /pure64/ http://amd64.debian.net/debian-
> amd64/'
> without internet connection, i.e from DVD?

mount /cdrom
debootstrap --arch amd64 sarge /pure64/ file:///cdrom/

> I have an 80GB HD with 8 partitions (swap included).
> When I boot from DVD, fdisk wants to erase/partition the whole disk ---
> it doesn't "see" the partitions that are present.

You are reading that wrong. It should give you a choice between
wipeing the disk and manualy partitioning it. The later lets you reuse
the existing partitions.

> So I installed Ubuntu for AMD64 on part. No8 and 
> I want to install Debian Sarge AMD64 on part. No2
> without loosing the data on the others
> (and I have no connection to the Internet yet).
> With the best regards,
> Jacek Achremowicz,
> Kraków,
> PS I am completly new to the list.
> I had an i386 16MB RAM some time ago with Debian Woody.
> It worked perfectly! But the hardware died...


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