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Re: Problems with OpenOffice for AMD64

Mickael Marchand wrote:
> Tobias Krais a écrit :
>>Hi together,
>>I recently installed Debian OpenOffice.org packages from
>>deb ftp://ftp-fourier.ujf-grenoble.fr/linux/oo64/ ./
>>Everything work great, but: I can't open .odt (well all .od*) files and
>>also the .sxw (all .sx*) files. Is it the same with your Installation.
>>All other files (e.g. .doc files) open without problems. I even can
>>create .odt files.
>>Is there w workaround for this?
>>Greetings, Tobias
> this OOo build is known to be highly experimental, for now, there is
> nothing much you can do except reporting bugs to the OpenOffice bugtracker.
> I will try to build new packages soon based on the recent new upload.

There are some problems due to the gcj compiler (better go for 4.1 to
solve this issue).

But, why don't you try on the 2.0.2 version (I should try as well) -->

1) wget http://go-oo.org/packages/OOB680/ooo-build-oob680.1.0.tar.gz
2) tar xzf ooo-build-oob680.1.0.tar.gz
3) cd ooo-build-oob680.1.0
4) ./configure --with-distro=Debian64
5) ./download
6) make

Any help to make it compile on an AMD64 would be great ! ;-)

Report patches and fixes to:

See also:

Emmanuel Fleury

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