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Re: Install windowmanager


thanks for your quick reply. 

the "apt-get install gnome-core" was the key, although
it also took some manual configuration of xinitrc for
the new window manager.

I also tried your other suggestions, which were maybe
necessary as well:

>  apt-get install --reinstall <packagename>
> apt-get install libpango1.0-0 libcairo2

here libcairo2 was not found.

> for gaim: apt-get install gaim

worked but problems with the font files, and
fontconfig  .

> commands... thats a RTFM!!!
> apt-cache search windowmanager (will list

problem with this apt-cache is that you cannot specify
the package with regex. For example, apt-cache search
gnome delivers many, many results. than you need save
the search and re-search in that previous file.

p.s.: what does RTFM mean ? I guess it is not


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