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RE: quiet dual dual-core opteron

Certainly -- the dual core Intels are a serious pain to cool.  But the
difference between 55 and 90 watts is nothing to sneeze at (the low power
2.2GHz Opteron vs the normal 2.2GHz Opteron).  With the dual core units it
is the difference between 55 watts and 95 watts for the same 2.2GHz.  That
is enough to pay extra for just to cut the fan noise down.  I think that the
dual core Intel Pentium Extreme is 200 watts or so, so the Opterons are far
easier to cool, of course, but every little bit helps.  I have used the
1.4GHz low power Opterons (35 watts!!!) in a number of utility servers that
didn't need more power and I could use passive cooling, which is wonderful
-- one less  moving part to fail.

Brendan Todd Corkery

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Brendan Corkery wrote:
> I have put a few together for engineers where I work.  The low power 
> single core units were expensive, but made a huge difference.  I used 
> a Quiet PC power supply and case fan, a large Chenbro tower case, and 
> two of the Zalman 7000 (?) CPU sinks.  Almost silent except for, yes, 
> the SCSI drive noise.  I will probably be doing a few dual core units 
> in the next month and I will be using the new Zalman 9000-something 
> cooler and essentially the same setup. I can list the specific part 
> numbers later today if anyone is curious, but the low noise case fan, 
> power supply, and CPU sinks were key, and the low power (HE, I think) 
> CPUs made all of that possible by not forcing me to move a ton of air.

Remember too that these are AMD chips, not Intel.  They use a fraction of
the juice (and therefore generate a fraction of the heat and require a
fraction of the cooling) of the Intel offerings.

My dual-Opteron 246 tower is quieter and cooler than my PentiumIII laptop.
The Opteron CPUs in this box hover around the 40c mark (~105f).


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