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Re: ape/mac audio ?

A Dijous 30 Març 2006 12:49, James C. Evans va escriure:
> Hello !
> I would be pleased to get this converter "ape to mp3".
> Thanks by advance
> James

first of all, "maybe" it would be interesting to open a new thread of a thing 
three months old :-)

Otherwise, if you look in google mac-3.99-u4-b4.tar.gz you will find link:

where to download the soft.

Also, I think that this soft is a good example of a soft that had a very ugly 
hacks and compiles in a 32bit platform and DOESN'T compile in a 64bit. It's a 
pain to try to compile it in a 64 bit because of cast, losses of precision of 
conversion .... I could compile it, but I cannot use it because a lot of 
segmentation faults.

It could be compiled in a chroot environment and execute in it without 



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