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Re: Multiple hardware and RAID failures

On Wed, Mar 15, 2006 at 11:38:23AM -0400, Stephen Cormier wrote:
> A quick google search comes up with this page(1) which if it is the 
> Fortron you were using says it only has 15a on the +12v. This is 
> really not enough amperage to allow a heavy draw of power for an AMD64 
> system. 

No, I have the FSP400-60THN (1) and this one has just 14a on tihe +12v, 
even worse :P

> I have an Enermax 350 (EG365P-VE) in my Socket 754 machine it has 26a 
> on the +12v which is more than the recommended minimum I see most 
> places of 24a, it works well but I only have a video card, one hard 
> drive in the machine. You may want to give the power supply calculator 
> linked on this page(2) a try and see what it says.  

Thanks for the tip. According to the calculator I need 230W. Because I 
use it as a server, the videocard is a simple ATI one. I have replaced 
the crap Fortron with my trusty old Enermax FMA 350W (2) wich also has 
26a on the 12v.

> Mine is you were lucky so far and the draw on the power supply has 
> finally made it unstable/started to kill it off.

Guess you're right.

> A bad power supply  is one of the most common reasons for hardware 
> failures hopefully it has not damaged the pieces and you may be able 
> to reuse all that hardware you have laying around now in another 
> machine. BTW you may want to get something along the lines of a 450+w 
> with at least 24a on the +12v line just to be certain you do not draw 
> too much from the 350w you have put in.

Well, the server is running stable at the moment and de RAID set is 
still in sync so I'm hopeful this solved the problem.

Thank you and the rest for your help.


(2) http://www.enermax.com/english/product_Display1.asp?PrID=29

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