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RE: Dropping to a shell

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> the instructions for this please? Thanks you for your help!!

> You can lsmod in the shell and find out whether or not the 
> driver for your SATA or SCSI card is loaded. If not, then you 
> have to boot again with your netinst CD and mount the root 
> partition. Modify the /etc/modules to include the driver, and 
> re-make the initramfs.

I'm going off some instructions that I googled, but here it is the best
I can remember. I'd installed from the Etch netinst CD, but after the
first reboot, it always dropped to a shell because the installed kernel
didn't have the sata_mv module, that is needed for my Marvell SATA
controller. I went through the netinst again, all the way upto when it
asks you to reboot. At this point I switched to another console (Alt-F2
or Alt-F3 or Alt-F3 till you find one to use, because the log is on one
of them). Since you are running netinst, your future root partition is
mounted at /target. I edited the /target/etc/mkinitramfs/modules and
added sata_mv. You can find the module you need by doing lsmod, and
looking in the output for the SATA or SCSI driver for your hardware.
Some instruction say at this point to mount /rpoc with `mount proc
/target/proc', but I don't remember that I actually did this. Then
chroot to /target with `chroot /target`. I think at this point you have
to mount your future boot partition, if any, at /boot, for example, if
/dev/sda2 is your boot partition, `mount /dev/sda2 /boot`. Then re-make
the initramfs, with `mkinitramfs -o /boot/initrd.img-<version>`. You can
TAB, and it'll complete the <version> or give you a choice. Then `umount
/boot`, `exit` (to exit from the chroot), `umount /target`, and reboot. 

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