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RE: SATA RAID MV88SX6041 on Sarge 3.1r0a Problem

> From: Mushu [mailto:mushu@solonet.co.id] 
> I tried to install Sarge 3.1r0a AMD64 on a Supermicro server 
> with Marvell SATA RAID MV88SX6041 controller.
> Because Sarge Installer CD could not recognize the controller 
> I used a temporary IDE disk to compile and got the driver
> (ftp://ftp.abit.com.tw/pub/download/drivers/linux/marvell/mvsa
> ta340.zip)

I have a Supermicro motherboard H8DAR-T with this Marvell controller on
it. It boots just fine off a SATA drive (a single drive, no array
configuration). You need the stock sata_mv driver. It is already in the
kernel, and the etch netinst disk. However it isn't in the initramfs, so
you have to change that per my earlier posting.

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