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Re: amd64-archive update

>Le Dienstag 14 Februar 2006 17:04, Matthieu Helleboid a écrit :
>> Hello,
>> I've made an update to amd64-archive made by Goswin von Brederlow.
>> It will make a local repository for amd64 without a chroot for :
>>  * firefox, mozilla, opera, flash
>>  * mplayer, w32codecs
>>  * skype
>>  * openoffice
>> Have a look at http://mhelleboid.free.fr/

I'm sorry -- I'm a bit confused about what this script does, and
the web page didn't really explain it.  Does it remove the need for
a 32-bit chroot to run the above apps on a 64-bit system?  If so,
how?  By putting the 32-bit libraries in a special location, and
then surrounding all the above apps in a script wrapper that
sets library paths to the new locations?  That kind of thing?


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