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Re: Intel Xeon Server

On Thu, 16 Mar 2006, Matthew Robinson wrote:

On Thursday 16 March 2006 13:23, debian wrote:

I have an Intel Server with an Xeon Nocona 3.0 GHz EMT64 processor.
I would like to run it as a stable webserver. Which distribution
shall I install? Is it possible to install x386 Sarge? Are there
any known issues? Which is the savest way to go especially when
considerating future updates?

We use a duel Xeon server for fone-me.com, running Debian Sarge - its
very stable and fully supported by the debian security team.

I run amd64 "unofficial" sarge (with a very small number of backported
packages in order to use recent kernels) on a number of AMD64/Opteron
workstations. They are rock stable, run for months at a time (because from
time to time I update their kernels and thus reboot them) and are fully
supported by the debian security team. Amd64 is going to be an official port
of debian starting from next release, so I see no problem in future updates.
And yes, for the kind of workload I use there is a marked performance gain with respect to running i386 sarge on the same machines. By the way, I do
have a parallel i386 sarge installed in a chroot in these machines, to
ensure complete 32bit compatibility, so it's not like I'm sacrificing
anything, apart from a little disk space...



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