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Re: amd64-archive update

> >Le Dienstag 14 Februar 2006 17:04, Matthieu Helleboid a écrit :
> >> Hello,
> >>
> >> I've made an update to amd64-archive made by Goswin von Brederlow.
> >>
> >> It will make a local repository for amd64 without a chroot for :
> >>  * firefox, mozilla, opera, flash
> >>  * mplayer, w32codecs
> >>  * skype
> >>  * openoffice
> >>
> >> Have a look at http://mhelleboid.free.fr/
> I'm sorry -- I'm a bit confused about what this script does, and
> the web page didn't really explain it.  Does it remove the need for
> a 32-bit chroot to run the above apps on a 64-bit system?  If so,
> how?  By putting the 32-bit libraries in a special location, and
> then surrounding all the above apps in a script wrapper that
> sets library paths to the new locations?  That kind of thing?

Right.  It's not clearly explained, but from studying the page it seems that
installing amd64-archive creates an archive on your local machine of
modified packages that wrap the apps for execution in the 64-bit
environment.  The archive of modified packages will be built in

It would seem better to create these packages once and for all and offer
them in an online archive for everyone, but better this way than nothing.

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