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Re: DVD burning stop to work...PLEASE HELP ME!!!

Em Segunda 13 Março 2006 08:39, Gordon Ball escreveu:
> On a similar issue I've found that the latest update appears to have broken
> k3b (when attempting to burn an image I get the error (cdrecord returned
> error code 1) which appears to be permissions related, since it
> successfully burnt the image when run as root. I haven't checked all the
> permissions manually but k3b identifies when it starts up that "cdrecord
> will be run without root priviledges" and "cdrdao will be run without root
> priviledges". Starting k3bsetup to fix this currently gets me a blank panel
> (from the command "kcmshell 'k3bsetup2'").
	Thanks. But..Waht version of the k3b you are using? My is 0.12.12-1, and the 
problemas seasm to be growisofs specific. 

	A did have to fix the permissions by myself, and k3b does not report wrong 
permission for none of the porgrams(cdrecord, cdrda, mksisofs, growisofs).

	But a couloel of days ago I ahve updated the firmware of my DVD-writer to add 
support for new dvd burnable media and k3b report that there is no 'support 
for burning DVD-R sequential...'. This did not happens before. SO a try 
'force', yeah a really love 'live in the edge', try strong emotions, and 
things like that. And the growisofs return the same erro again, about runing 

	I still have no tried run as root. I will try this soon. Any way I  preparing 
a vfat partion to share data with the windows instalation on my HD and try 
using NERO to burn DVD's if the CD/DVD-burning on linux still acting in a 
strangeous way.

	So...Thank you very muchh for help, all of you.

ps: there is a thing that I really want understand: why cdrecodr does not 
found my write on ATAPI transport? the only way to cdrecord report my 
dvd-writer is runing 'cdrecord dev=ATA:1,0,0 -scanbus' os dev=/dev/hdc.
'cdrdao scanbus' reports a writer on ATA:1,0,0 but I supose to see a 
ATAPI:0,0,0 device. On my AthlonXP computer the CD-writer/DVD-rom combo 
driver is reported to on ATAPI:0,0,0.. I  really confused.
> Anyway, for the moment running k3b as root appears to deal with this if you
> have this issue.
> On 3/11/06, Tony Freeman <tony.freeman@insightbb.com> wrote:
> > On Thu, 2006-03-09 at 21:20 -0300, Marlon Régis Schmitz wrote:
> > > user@host~: cdrecord -scanbus
> >
> > I see that you are logged in as a normal user ... try doing your
> > growisofs command as root.
> >
> > I had a similar problem just yesterday morning!  I was using the
> > nautilus cd/dvd burning gui as a normal user and was frustrated that the
> > cd was not being burned.  I then realized that my new updates to the
> > system must have screwed some permissions somewhere (after all it is a
> > testing distribution) so that a normal user could not burn cd/dvds ... I
> > logged in as root and sure enough I could use the nautilus cd/dvd
> > burning gui just fine.
> >
> >
> > -- Tony
> >
> >
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