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Re: Install windowmanager

> p.s.: what does RTFM mean ? I guess it is not
> polite...

   /R.T.F.M/, imp.

     [Unix] Abbreviation for `Read The Fucking Manual'.

     1. Used by {guru}s to brush off questions they consider trivial or
     annoying. Compare {Don't do that then!}.

     2. Used when reporting a problem to indicate that you aren't just
     asking out of {randomness}. "No, I can't figure out how to interface
     Unix to my toaster, and yes, I have RTFM." Unlike sense 1, this use
     is considered polite. See also {FM}, {RTFAQ}, {RTFB}, {RTFS}, {STFW},
     {RTM}, all of which mutated from RTFM, and compare {UTSL}.


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