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RE: quiet dual dual-core opteron

OK, this is what I used for a bunch of systems:

Two of these CPUs:
2.2GHz low power Opterons
This motherboard:  http://www.tyan.com/products/html/thunderk8w.html  I may
go with a different one for the dual core units because the users want
PCI-Express video cards now
This RAM:
333D4R25/2G  Usually a full 16GB.
This case:
http://www.chenbro.com.tw/usa/product/product_preview.php?pid=134 with the
SCSI hot swap backplane.  Remove the rear fan because it sounds like a jet
This RAID controller:
These CPU coolers:  http://www.zalmanusa.com/ -- search for CNPS7000B-Cu
This 460 watt power supply:
http://www.quietpcusa.com/acb/showdetl.cfm?&DID=8&Product_ID=30&CATID=2 --
wonderful and close to dead silent
This case fan:
http://www.quietpcusa.com/acb/showdetl.cfm?&DID=8&Product_ID=261&CATID=7 --
the 120mm one, in the Chenbro bracket that came from Chenbro with a fan that
would be right at home in a small helicopter.  At the lowest setting, you
really have a hard time hearing it.

Disks varied, as did video cards.

For the next bunch, I may use a slightly different Tyan board, but I am not
sure yet.  With the dual core AMD CPUs (
http://www.amdcompare.com/us-en/opteron/details.aspx?opn=OSK275FAA6CB ) and
the Zalman CPU sink CPNS9500, ideally without those silly LEDs.

Something nice that I have found makes the users happy is this:

Instead of a regular floppy, they have a media reader for stuff.

Happy to answer any questions.

Brendan Todd Corkery
UNIX Support
Advantage R&D
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(281)260-5799 work
(281)872-1628 fax

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Thanks for the ideas. I'd like to use some nice CPU coolers (like the Zalman
ones) and one concern with going ATX (like the Master) in addition to the
RAM issue pointed out previously is that with the smaller form factor you
often don't have the real estate for efficient coolers.

Thanks again,


Quoting Paul Brook:
> I've got a largeish EATX thermaltake xaser3 case (next size up from 
> standard midi towers), Tagan PSU, Zalman CPU coolers and a Tyan S2885 
> motherboard (though the S2895 is probably a better bet for new 
> systems).
> The CPU fans are temperature controlled by the motherboard (and rarely 
> get above 50% speed) and the case fans are on a fixed 40% speed 
> controller.
> It's not totally silent, but it is quiet even under heavy load. Like a 
> low purr rather than the roar generated by most PCs. The noisiest bit 
> is the harddrives clicking when accesses.

Peter A. H. Peterson, technician and musician.
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