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Re: amd64 dualcore nad raid1

I use that exact board with the same setup. The RAID1 on it is not true RAID, so I use the Linux Software RAID to set up two RAID1 arrays of 2 drives each (i need two separate physical arrays for my purposes).

It works well, and performance is good. Debian Sarge with the 2.6 kernel detects all hardware nicely. I recommend that setup.

- Naz

Francesco Pietra wrote:
i intend to setup a workstation for quantum mechanical calculations (organic chemistry) with a couple of amd64 dualcore 265 and a couple of STA hard disks 360GB raid 1 (mirroring for security reasons).

Do you think that mainboard Tyan Thunder S2877ANDF x 2 Dual Opteron under debian testing/unstable provides adequate raid 1 support without going to expensive 3ware products? I plan to have 2GB ram, but that is not enough for the calculations and frequent access to disk occurs.

Remember that i am based in italy where the market is under rigid control by whom you can easily imagine so that it is not easy to get what one wants (for example main boards). i am happy when i meet a handler who follows my linux requests, most do not.

thanks for answering
Francesco Pietra

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