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mysql dependancy problems.

Hi all.

Well dang, I managed to unintentially mess up my mysql binaries.  So anyways, 
I tried to re-install mysql and found that I was froze out due to dependancy 

When I try to install mysql-client-5.0, apt wants libmysqlclient15off 
installed ... when I install libmysqlclient15off, libdbd-mysql-perl has to be 
removed.  When I try to install mysql-client-5.0 again, apt wants 
libdbd-mysql-perl.  So there seems to be a direct conflict between 
libmysqlclient15off & libdbd-mysql-perl.

Other than waiting for I'm not sure how long for the dependancies to be 
balanced, is there another temporary solution?

Thanks for any ideas,
Chris W.

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