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Re: DVD burning stop to work...PLEASE HELP ME!!!

On a similar issue I've found that the latest update appears to have broken k3b (when attempting to burn an image I get the error (cdrecord returned error code 1) which appears to be permissions related, since it successfully burnt the image when run as root. I haven't checked all the permissions manually but k3b identifies when it starts up that "cdrecord will be run without root priviledges" and "cdrdao will be run without root priviledges". Starting k3bsetup to fix this currently gets me a blank panel (from the command "kcmshell 'k3bsetup2'").

Anyway, for the moment running k3b as root appears to deal with this if you have this issue.

On 3/11/06, Tony Freeman < tony.freeman@insightbb.com> wrote:
On Thu, 2006-03-09 at 21:20 -0300, Marlon Régis Schmitz wrote:
> user@host~: cdrecord -scanbus

I see that you are logged in as a normal user ... try doing your
growisofs command as root.

I had a similar problem just yesterday morning!  I was using the
nautilus cd/dvd burning gui as a normal user and was frustrated that the
cd was not being burned.  I then realized that my new updates to the
system must have screwed some permissions somewhere (after all it is a
testing distribution) so that a normal user could not burn cd/dvds ... I
logged in as root and sure enough I could use the nautilus cd/dvd
burning gui just fine.

-- Tony

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