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Re: onboard ethernet on Tyan Thunder K8WE (s2895)

Sebastian Haase wrote:
Thanks for the replies.
sarge-amd64-2.6.12-netinst.iso did not auto-detect the NICs but after
manually choosing forcedeth it actually worked.
ONLY: that I did get some "timeout" kernel error messages (sorry, forgot the exact text) and it only really worked after I switched the network cable between the two ports back and forth many times !!
Good to hear you got it going, but do upgrade your kernel -- the driver should work without problems.
How can I know which port is eth0 and which eth1  ?
And - if not - can I at least rely on the order staying the same between reboots ?? (I want to connect one port to the internet the other to a local (unroutable) private sub-net...
Yes, you can -- as usual in Linux, there are several ways. Check out http://www.science.uva.nl/research/air/wiki/LogicalInterfaceNames -- the script /share/usr/share/doc/ifupdown/examples/get-mac-address.sh comes with the ifupdown package.

Is "forcedeth" the only possible driver ? Just curious ...
Yes -- and it works great!


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