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amateur looking for help &| mentor [AMD64 - asus A6B00k]

Hi everyone,

taking advice from letter "what's better for AMD64 [ASUS A6B00K]" I
just downloaded and installed testing version Debian (from:
http://cdimage.Debian.org/cdimage/weekly-builds/ built at 20th march
2006) and now i've got a small problem...

base installation don't give me opportunity to install graphical
environment (i mean i have some strange one – no KDE, no GNOME – i
think some think like CDE but not sure) or i don't notice this one and
no opportunity to chose packets i need - "base-config" no exist and
"dselect" asking me for describing location of same file at DVD...
...which i'm rely not sure...

help me, pleas... ...i need Debian...

thanks in advance,


p.s.: still looking for "mentor" who help me install debian at my laptop...

Bartosz Boguszewski
 email: bboguszewski@gmail.com
phone: +33 663481868 (fr) *
           +48 694603537 (pl)

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