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Re: Installing Debian on sata drive with adaptec aic-8130 controller V2

Leopold Palomo Avellaneda schrieb:
> Hi,
> sorry if not is the correct list, but I have found than this issue have been 
> threaded before [1] and I have a  some aspects not very clear, I would like 
> to ask  to the list about it.
> We have bought a HPProliant ML150 G2 that comes with a RAID controller. This 
> raid controller is a Adaptec HostRaid 8130 SATA Galileo/SATA II PI-X.
> 1) I have found some people that says that this controller is the _same_ (or 
> can use) [2] the Marvell 88SX6541-BCZ driver. Please, could you confirm this?
It is a Marvell Chip. lspci gives me this:
0000:03:04.0 SCSI storage controller: Marvell Technology Group Ltd.
MV88SX6041 4-port SATA II PCI-X Controller (rev 07)

I do not know about the driver. I just know, that in Kernel 2.8.15 there
was support for this controller, but it was marked highly experimentel
and I found it unstable. Perhaps this changed with Kernel 2.8.16, but I
have not tried it, yet.

For your other questions I have no answers, sorry. But perhaps you have
a look on this post:


The post is about the same sata controller.


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