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Re: pci express card on debian amd64 sarge

From: Mauricio Ortiz Calvao <orca@if.ufrj.br>
Date: Wed, Mar 22, 2006 at 07:42:06PM -0300
> Hi,
> I am about to buy a workstation with:
> 1) motherboard: Supermicro H8DCE
> 2) CPU's: 2 AMD Opteron 246 cpu's
> This motherboard seems to support a PCI Express slot and thus I would 
> like, if
> possible, to take advantage of this resource, when acquiring a graphics 
> board.
> Specifically, I would like to check whether any one knows that either (i) 
> an
> nVidia 6200 120 PCie, or (ii) an ATI Radeon X300SE PCI-e video card would 
> be
> supported in Debian AMD64 sarge and how these cards compare (which one is
> better?).
I couldn't get the Radeon frame buffer on the console to run with
XFree/X.org - on switching from X, the console would crash (with the
radeon free drivers). I switched to NVidia (6600 pci-e with passive
cooling) and haven't regretted that. Console framebuffer works fine now
with X.

Things will be brighter tonight. A cop will shine a light in your face.
Debian (Unstable) GNU/Linux 2.6.16-rc6-mm1 5503 bogomips load 0.16

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