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Re: 1U server with 4 SATA ports and a 32-bit PCI slot

Supermicro AS1010P-T(R) should fit your bill:

>  * 1U chassis

>  * 1 dual-core amd64

>  * 4 SATA drives

>  * 1 32-bit PCI slot (preferably 2)
you can choose either a PCIe-riser or a PCI-X one which is downward compatible 
to 32bit PCI.
There's even a second slot of the same type, but it's half-height only.

> None of the supermicro systems accomodates us.

Erm, why not?
You may have to test if the PCI-X slot is really compatible to the PCI card 
you're going to use, if you're going to order a dozen I'm sure someone will 
give you a test system before purchase.

> Can someone suggest a 
> system like this that is known to run Debian amd64?

I guess, you'll need quite a new kernel for the ServerWorks chipset, but I 
tend to trust that one more than an nVidia solution I must say - from what I 
hear (from my sales rep at a systems builder) and read Tyan and Supermicro 
seem to lean towards SW too.


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