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Re: ASUS A8N-SLI Motherboard: comments?

Pete Klemm wrote:

A. E. Lawrence is correct on the disk enumeration issue. I am running 2.6.12-686-smp with udev 0.87-1 and the disk enumeration is quite flaky as some times it boots properly and other times not. udev also has a problem with my Radeon 7000VE in that

I did have a few problems with disc enumeration order differing between install and sarge, but this was on a fairly complex system with 4 SATA drives, a couple of genuine scsi drives and a legacy PATA (ie IDE) drive.

The grub menu written by the installer tried to boot from the wrong disc (because of said enumeration difference), so I used a grub floppy and edited the entries on the first boot, and then changed them permanently.

I should have mentioned in my earlier reply that I think I also had to correct /etc/fstab which was also written incorrectly by the installer. I may also have had to correct other configuration files, but it is a long time ago now. Not difficult once you realize what is going on, but it would be very tough for anyone new to Linux to sort out and you definitely have to think about how to get a bootable system. I think that I needed to mount the target file system with a rescue disc in order to fix /etc/fstab.

But as several people have said, there should not be a problem with a single disc.


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