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Re: quiet dual dual-core opteron

It looks and acts like spray paint. Its a bit thicker and has a rubbery feel once applied. You can spray it over screw holes and then just poke screws through it if it occludes the hole. I don't know what you mean by "how much space does it take up", its just like applying a coat of paint.

- Naz.

Peter A. H. Peterson wrote:
Quoting Naz Gassiep:
If you're willing to perform some mods to the case, spraying the inside with Dynamat Accoustic Absorption spray reduces the noise noticably. If done well all internal surfaces including the sides of the PSU etc) the noise drop is dramatic.


That is *good* stuff generally, I keep a can right next to my WD40.

How much space does it take up? Like, do I have to be careful about
spraying it so that I can reassemble the case or is it unobtrusive
enough to just spray everywhere?



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