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Re: 1U server with 4 SATA ports and a 32-bit PCI slot

Am Dienstag, 21. März 2006 11:38 schrieb David Liontooth:
> Ay, there's the rub -- it's not. The Tyan Tomcat K8E fits the bill,
> however -- though it has the nforce4 chipset.
> My one remaining question is actually whether I need sound on the
> motherboard to record sound via the PCI bus
> from the grabber card -- does anyone know? (I'm asking on the v4l list).
> The S2865G2NR has no audio, while S2865ANRF does; I'm assuming I need it
> to record sound, even if the sound
> is taken straight off the grabber card through the PCI bus?

Depends on the quality needed too, I guess. Onboard sound devices tend to have 
low-quality a-d converters and worse electromagnetic shielding, at least 
worse than decent hand-picked sound cards. What is it you're going to do with 
these machines?


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