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Re: amd64-archive update

On Mon, Mar 13, 2006 at 08:31:01PM +0100, Klaus Becker wrote:
Le Montag 13 März 2006 12:41, Matthieu Helleboid a écrit :
Le Dimanche 12 Mars 2006 20:33, Klaus Becker a écrit :
> Hello Matthieu,

> When I finished installing your packages, can I safely
> delete /var/lib/amd64-archive? In which way?

yes, you can purge amd64-archive, it should remove /var/lib/amd64-archive.
installed packages will remain installed.

And what about /emul? I suppose it came with amd64-archive. Can I safely do "rm -rf /emul"?

I am remove this directory and it works great, at least with OpenOffice
and Opera.

sunny greetings from Norderstedt


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