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Re: onboard ethernet on Tyan Thunder K8WE (s2895)

Sebastian Haase wrote:
I just got this new dual Opteron PC at my desk...
I tried the official netinst CD and http://tinyplanet.ca/~lsorense/amd64/sarge-amd64-2.6.12-netinst.iso

neither recognises the NIC. All I know is, it's a
nVidia MAC nForce Prof 2200  and (2nd port) Prof 2050.

I read some about "forcedeth" but don't know what that is ...

Any hints !?

Sebastian Haase
According to http://www.tyan.com/products/html/thunderk8we_spec.html it does have two nvidia NICs -- I found on a rather different Gigabyte K8NS with a similar NIC (identified on the board as ICS1883, regrettably disabled on recent versions of this mobo) that the card had some difficulties getting going during installation, but in fact is well supported as a gb NIC by the forcedeth driver. You may need a more recent version than the one on the install CD. I get this in dmesg:

eth0: forcedeth.c: subsystem: 01458:e000 bound to 0000:00:05.0
forcedeth.c: Reverse Engineered nForce ethernet driver. Version 0.31.

This just to give thumbs up that this is the driver and it should work fine. Someone with the same board would know if there are issues.


*Integrated Secure Network Processor*
• Two IEEE 802.3 Nvidia MAC 1000/100/10
Ethernet (1st from nForce™ Prof. 2200,
2nd from nForce Prof. 2050)
• Supports WOL and PXE
• Supports Ethernet Jumbo Frames (9018 Bytes)
• Full Duplex Gigabit Ethernet support

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