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Re: strange clock behaviour on a laptop

Take a look at this. This bug has been around awhile but a fix is out. 
I'm asuming that this is an ATI chipset. Would definetly try a bios
update if one is out for your laptop.


>>>>> "Ian" == Ian Cairns <ic@iancairns.org> writes:

 Ian> On Wed, 2006-03-15 at 17:30 -0500, Lennart Sorensen wrote:
 >> On Wed, Mar 15, 2006 at 09:15:45PM +0000, David Gasa Castell
 >> wrote: > Recently, I adquired a laptop (mod. HP Compaq nx 6125)
 >> and I tried to > install a 32 bits Etch on it.
 >> > 
 >> > After all, I detected an acceleration of the laptop clock, so it
 >> counts two > seconds per one.
 >> > 
 >> > What can I do to fix this ?
 >> > 
 >> > Thanks in advance.
 >> If it has an ati chipset (I suspect it does since I think the nx
 >> 6150 does), then try adding this to the kernel command line:
 >> acpi_os_name="Microsoft Windows XP"
 >> According to what I have read the BIOS on almost all ATI based
 >> boards has incomplete ACPI implementation and does a crap job on
 >> anything that isn't claiming to be windows.
 >> If that doesn't do it, then maybe you need to pass an option to
 >> set which timer pin to use and/or ignore, but I don't remember
 >> which ones off hand.
 >> Len Sorensen

 Ian> I had clock problems on my HP Pavilion zv6004EA until I upgraded
 Ian> the firmware (used Windows to do it, grrrr!) but since then it
 Ian> has been well behaved.

 Ian> Could I suggest a quick look at the HP web site.

 Ian>     Ian.

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