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Re: Mirroring the AMD pool

Thanks to all posted.


On Tue, 2006-03-07 at 09:05 -0500, Austin Denyer wrote:
> > I am thinking about mirroring the AMD64 archive and was wondering how
> > much space was required.
> There will be some big changes in the way the mirrors work soon (some
> arch being split out, others moved in) to help control the size as a
> full Debian mirror is HUGE.  The changes will make it a lot easier for
> people to mirror specific arch without all the cruft of other arch that
> they don't need.

I know it's hugh - that's why I don't mirror it all just the i386 arch

> You may want to hold off until the changes are completed (should be a
> few weeks).

Being lazy I will hold off so I don't have to do the work twice.  :-)

As I need to track what changes I need to make to the rsync script
(anonftpsync) for my i386 mirror what is the best list to subscribe to
to find out what is going on and what changes I need to make.


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