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Re: Detecting SATA drive after install

Joseph Legner wrote:

I had a generic AMD64 computer built for me, and they
put a SATA hard drive in it.  It also has a
motherboard with on-board NIC, video, and sound.

The Debian netinst CD would not detect the hard drive,
NIC, video card, or sound card.  I salvaged an old PCI
NIC from a dead computer and also installed an IDE
drive, and was able to successfully install to the IDE
drive.  I then fussed for a week and finally got the
nVidia driver up and running.  Still no sound, though.

So, right now I have Debian running on the IDE drive
while my 200 GB SATA drive is in the case, useless.  I
know enough to look under /dev, but it only lists my
CD drive and the IDE drive with its partitions.

My question is: what do I need to do to get my Debian
system, which is running on an IDE hard drive, to
recognize and mount a separate SATA drive?

Forgive me if this is trivial, because I am rather new
at administering Linux.

Thanks in advance,
Joe Legner

I'm running into a (possibly) similar issue in my attempt to move my install from an IDE to a SCSI disk. From what I've been able to gather, I need to add the necessary module(s) for my card to /etc/mkinitrd/modules and run mkinitrd. I believe you can also do a dpkg-reconfigure on your kernel package. Haven't had a chance to try this yet, but I hope to try it tonight.

Your issue may be completely unrelated, but I thought I'd share my experience.

Just out of curiosity, which SATA controller are you using?

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