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Re: SATA problem with x86_64 install CD

On Wednesday 22 March 2006 22:17, Nima Talebi wrote:
> Gday,
> I've downloaded and attempted to install debian from the debian-31r0a-
> amd64-netinst.iso image. Everything is fine up until the point where my
> SATA device is not detected. Fedora and ubuntu detect it, and they also
> seem to have additional modules available, so I copied those over and
> loaded them with no errors, however that made no difference, I still
> cant see /dev/sda, fdisk -l comes back with zilch.
> While trying to detect the hardware I also get this message which
> supports the available list of modules...
> The unavailable modules and devices that need them are: ide-mod, ide-
> probe-mod, ide-detect etc
> I can quite happily compile a kernel that does support all the devices
> on this box, but what would the next step be? Surely there is an easier
> solution?


I had the same problems.  I downloaded the latest install cd and tried that.
While it detected my drive it was unable to install (there were logical errors 
in the iso that broke the installation later)....  Maybe this is fixed now?

In my case I gave up on debian (after 7 years) and installed gentoo.  I now have a 
better, working, but maybe not quite as pristine, desktop (eg. wine, open office 2,
flash, many 32bit codecs all work with painless installs).  I do miss apt-get.

Bottom line, old and/or broken installers cost users.

Ed Tomlinson

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