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Re: Firefox over 90% CPU-Usage

> > using firefox (32bit) often my cpu reaches ~95-100% usage... is it
> > possible avoid it?

> How did you go about getting 32-bit Firefox running on 64-bit Debian?

It runs in "chroot 32" with flash plugin.

> I'm using the i386 version of Debian even though I have an Athlon 3500+
> processor.  I gave up on 64-bit Linux because I had too many problems
> getting apps to work like I wanted (Sun JRE and Macromedia Flash are
> good examples).  Then I'd often find obscure apps that I wanted that
> also were only i386.

Keep a "parallel" 32-env in a 64-env is not nice just to run 2 or 3 32-bit apps...


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