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Re: 1U server with 4 SATA ports and a 32-bit PCI slot

Am Dienstag, 21. März 2006 22:21 schrieb Hamish Moffatt:
> ATSC (the US digital standard for over-the-air terrestrial) is only used
> in North America and Japan. The US is using DVB-C and DVB-S though
> (cable and satellite).

Very interesting, thanks alot!

I was always wondering why DVD-C and DVD-S need different hardware though they 
operate on the same media basically. Analogue TV can be received with the 
same receiver, be it terrestrial or cable-based. For digital you'll need two 
different cards though. Are the frequencies used the big difference or is 
ther more?

Very off-topic of course, just curious :)


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