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Re: Multiple hardware and RAID failures

On Tue, Mar 14, 2006 at 03:22:03PM -0800, Andrew Sharp wrote:
> > Perhaps your power supply is defective and not providing steady 
> > power,
> > or isn't happy with the load that is on it.  I have seen quite a few
> > systems that were unstable and had disk issues and crashed, where the
> > problem disappeared once a quality power supply was installed.

> True enough.  If you had a power spike, anything connected to power
> could be now suspect.  PS on down.

> I didn't read where you checked your disk cables.  I've had more than a
> couple of cables of various sorts just suddenly go bad for no reason.

Ok, I've replaced the Fortron 400W PS with an Enermax 350W and it all 
seems stable again. All drives are recognized and the mirror is synced 
again. 350W should be enough for an Athlon 3400 and 3 disks, should it?

I havent't checked the cables but it would seem strange that all three 
cables became bad all of a sudden.

Now my theory is:
- the PS became bad after a power spike or some other reason witch 
  affected the MB and hard drives. I don't think the PS was underpowered 
  because the configuration hasn't changed since the installation.

Is it possible that a defective PS could damage other hardware? I 
replaced all disks and the mobo since the first failures but I hope that 
the recent instablility was all caused by the PS and that I don't have 
to replace the rest for a second time.


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