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Re: slow browsing with konqueror

On Thursday 23 March 2006 19:45, Wolfgang Mader wrote:
> Hello list,
> I experience very slow browsing with konqueror. It takes a big amount of
> time for konqueror to connect to the other side. Very often it tells me
> that is waiting for reply.
> With other Browers, e.g. internetexplorer on another box, browsing is much
> faster.
Just if someone is interessted in the solution.

I found out that kdes internet components dislike the nameserver I have listed 
in resolve.conf. There were the ip of my local router which is not relly a 
nameserver bit redirects to the nameserver of my internet provider.

No I have changed this by using resolvconf so that there are now the ip 
adresses from my provider in resolv.conf.

Now all works fast as it should be.


P.S. sorry for posting in the wrong thread.

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