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Re: howto says up to 2.6.11 -- is this outdated?

On Tue, 2006-03-28 at 20:34 +0200, Jack Malmostoso wrote:
> On Tue, 28 Mar 2006 18:30:21 +0200, hendrik wrote:
> > Is the restriction on kernels up to 2.6.11 serious?
> At the time of the writing 2.6.11 was the newest kernel. I am running the
> nvidia drivers with a 2.6.16 kernel.
> -- 

I am not tried to install the nvidia drivers from
http://people.debian.org/~rdonald/nvidia/  but I get an error in the
kernel modules compilation

/usr/src/modules/nvidia-kernel/nv/nv.c:1640: error: 'mem_map' undeclared
(first use in this function)
/usr/src/modules/nvidia-kernel/nv/nv.c:1640: error: (Each undeclared
identifier is reported only once
/usr/src/modules/nvidia-kernel/nv/nv.c:1640: error: for each function it
appears in.)

Then the compilation stops. 


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