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Re: Install windowmanager

Le Mercredi 15 Mars 2006 22:56, Patrick Mulder a écrit :
> problem with this apt-cache is that you cannot specify
> the package with regex. For example, apt-cache search
> gnome delivers many, many results. than you need save
> the search and re-search in that previous file.

In fact, you can use regex :)

allergy@hali:~$ apt-cache search '^.dm$'
gdm - GNOME Display Manager
kdm - X display manager for KDE
ldm - LTSP display manager
sdm - Secure Display Manager - secure remote access to X11
wdm - WINGs Display Manager - an xdm replacement with a WindowMaker look
xdm - X display manager
allergy@hali:~$ apt-cache --version
apt for linux amd64 compiled on Feb 23 2006 06:35:00

I don't know about regex searches in packages descriptions, and never had the 
need for it.

Amand Tihon

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