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Re: quiet dual dual-core opteron

Brendan Corkery wrote:
> I have put a few together for engineers where I work.  The low power single
> core units were expensive, but made a huge difference.  I used a Quiet PC
> power supply and case fan, a large Chenbro tower case, and two of the Zalman
> 7000 (?) CPU sinks.  Almost silent except for, yes, the SCSI drive noise.  I
> will probably be doing a few dual core units in the next month and I will be
> using the new Zalman 9000-something cooler and essentially the same setup.
> I can list the specific part numbers later today if anyone is curious, but
> the low noise case fan, power supply, and CPU sinks were key, and the low
> power (HE, I think) CPUs made all of that possible by not forcing me to move
> a ton of air.

Remember too that these are AMD chips, not Intel.  They use a fraction
of the juice (and therefore generate a fraction of the heat and require
a fraction of the cooling) of the Intel offerings.

My dual-Opteron 246 tower is quieter and cooler than my PentiumIII
laptop.  The Opteron CPUs in this box hover around the 40c mark (~105f).


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