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Re: quiet dual dual-core opteron

Thanks for the ideas. I'd like to use some nice CPU coolers (like the
Zalman ones) and one concern with going ATX (like the Master) in
addition to the RAM issue pointed out previously is that with the
smaller form factor you often don't have the real estate for efficient

Thanks again,


Quoting Paul Brook:
> I've got a largeish EATX thermaltake xaser3 case (next size up from
> standard midi towers), Tagan PSU, Zalman CPU coolers and a Tyan
> S2885 motherboard (though the S2895 is probably a better bet for new
> systems).
> The CPU fans are temperature controlled by the motherboard (and
> rarely get above 50% speed) and the case fans are on a fixed 40%
> speed controller.
> It's not totally silent, but it is quiet even under heavy load. Like
> a low purr rather than the roar generated by most PCs. The noisiest
> bit is the harddrives clicking when accesses.

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