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Re: amd64-archive update

> >> I'm sorry -- I'm a bit confused about what this script does, and
> >> the web page didn't really explain it.  Does it remove the need for
> >> a 32-bit chroot to run the above apps on a 64-bit system?  If so,
> >> how?  By putting the 32-bit libraries in a special location, and
> >> then surrounding all the above apps in a script wrapper that
> >> sets library paths to the new locations?  That kind of thing?
> >
> > Right.  It's not clearly explained, but from studying the page it seems that
> > installing amd64-archive creates an archive on your local machine of
> > modified packages that wrap the apps for execution in the 64-bit
> > environment.  The archive of modified packages will be built in
> > /var/lib/amd64-archive.
> >
> > It would seem better to create these packages once and for all and offer
> > them in an online archive for everyone, but better this way than nothing.
> If they are created once and stored in an archive then you also have
> to put sources there. For an example what that means lets show some
> numbers. The ia32-libs package has a 20MB deb but ~250MB sources.
> The shear size of sources needed for all the libraries and apps one
> might need in 32bit is too big to make this practicaly.
> We are working on better way, most importantly multiarch, so this is
> just an intermittend hack.

OK.  And BTW I don't mean to complain-- just offering my thoughts.  Thanks
to you and Mathieu for your work on this, which makes Debian AMD64 more
useable for all of us.  Andrew.

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