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Re: Apt source question

Hi Dirk

On Fri, 2006-03-10 at 12:14 +0100, Dirk Schleicher wrote:
> Hello there,
> after 1,5 years I will try to go from testing i386 back to amd64.
> It seams that amd64 is now more stable then 1,5 years ago.

I've just bought my first AMD64 system and went to sid without too many

> By the way I will ask what is necessary to have in the source list for
> testing? There are some backports available?

Replace the references to "stable" with "testing".  Personally I prefer
to used the name that way I get the choice of which version of Debian -
it's a freedom thing :-)

> What is the best way to update a 1,5 years old amd64 system to testing?
> testing source in the sourcelist
> apt-get update
> apt-get install apt apt-utils dselect dpkg
> apt-get dist-upgrade
> Will this work?

It should do.  I installed sarge first and then set my sources.list to:
  deb http://amd64.debian.net/debian sid main
Rather than just to a "dist-upgrade" I first did a "upgrade" - just
trying to do it in small cunchs to reduce the risk.

Okay, I know it's sid and you get what you payfor, but the biggest grip
I have is a dependancy thing (suprise, suprise).  "gnome" won't install
bycause "gnome-destop-environment" won't install because "gnomemeeting"
wont't install because it depends upon "libpt-1.8.7" which has been
replaced with "libpt-1.10.0".

But I managed to install most of the other dependancies by hand.  The
system works well for me.  All the packages I needed so far have
installed okay.

> To run 32bit aps. into 64 there are two ways. 1. to run them inside a
> chroot or with 32 libs. What kind of lobs I need to do this? Or is it
> better to use the chroot?

I avoide the whole 32bit problem by using X11.  I still have 32bit
systems around.  OOo and anything else I need is installed on there and
all I do is set the DISPLAY to my 64-bit system.  Works fine and my
64-bit system isn't infected with those all 32-bit libraries or

> Will VMPlayer with W2k run under 64?

Don't use it.


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