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Re: SATA problem with x86_64 install CD

Le Donnerstag 23 März 2006 04:17, Nima Talebi a écrit :
> Gday,
> I've downloaded and attempted to install debian from the debian-31r0a-
> amd64-netinst.iso image. Everything is fine up until the point where my
> SATA device is not detected. Fedora and ubuntu detect it, and they also
> seem to have additional modules available, so I copied those over and
> loaded them with no errors, however that made no difference, I still
> cant see /dev/sda, fdisk -l comes back with zilch.
> While trying to detect the hardware I also get this message which
> supports the available list of modules...
> The unavailable modules and devices that need them are: ide-mod, ide-
> probe-mod, ide-detect etc
> I can quite happily compile a kernel that does support all the devices
> on this box, but what would the next step be? Surely there is an easier
> solution?
> Nima

try    modprobe sata_nv                
         modprobe libata

Do you have Sata1 or Sata2? Does your motherboard support Sata2? If not, you 
can configure the device as Sata1 by a bridge.



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