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Re: ati vs nvidia, how to tell if sleep is supported

On 3/26/06, Tamas K Papp <tpapp@princeton.edu> wrote:
> Some models come with Nvidia cards, some with ATI.  On linux forums I
> was told that I should avoid ATI because their attitude about Linux
> support (especially for 64bit).  Is Nvidia better in this respect?

You have difficult questions. Yes, Nvidia is generally better, but not
much. You still have a binary only driver, with the only difference
that it usually works.

Each of the following (I my experience) reduces the likelihood of
things going well:

* latest hardware
* laptop
* sleep or suspend to RAM
* ATI hardware
* 64bit system

So if you stay clear of ATI, and you are prepared to install 32bit
Linux, and look around a bit for feedback, you should be able to get
it working. If you are daring, you can certainly try a 64bit system,
but unless you also have 64bit applications (I assume you use third
party software), there is very little benefit.


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