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Re: openoffice 2.0.2 on amd64

[ Cc'ing Emmanuel Fleury <emmanuel.fleury@labri.fr> who also did build
unofficial, broken amd64 debs for 2.0.1-1 and provided them publically.
also Cc'ing -amd64 ]


david@secouristes-francais.org wrote:
> Modify debian/control file
>    append amd64 on Architecture: for each necessary packages.

Wrong. (although it has the same effect, but...)

> <               find $(PKGDIR)-$$i -type f -name "*.1" | xargs gzip -9; \
> ---
> >               find $(PKGDIR)-$$i -type f -name "*.1" | xargs gzip -9 -f; \

What for?

> copy some file
>    cp debian/catalog.xml
> debian/openoffice.org-common/usr/lib/openoffice/share/dtd/officedocument/1_0/catalog.xml

Err? This also is there:


        cp debian/catalog.xml $(PKGDIR)-common/$(OODIR)/share/dtd/officedocument/1_0

> I put deb result files on my ftp server
> user : anonymous
> pass : your email
> host : terra.secouristes-francais.org

Besides the fact that this is not reachable:

Can you please stop this nonsense with providing debs which don't
really work because OOo is not yet amd64-ready somewhere on the net
where *I* then get questions about its unstability?

I'll (if possible) build amd64 debs for each upload.

(btw, did you even look at people.debian.org where there *are* 2.0.2
packages for OOo/amd64 built native? Of course with the known bugs.)
Please remove them from your servers. *If* you want to link to some
please link to people.debian.org. But as said, amd64 porting is not yet
complete and the OOo not really useful...

Use 32-bit OOo when you want a usable OOo. (We are planning to provide a
_amd64 deb containing the 32-bit stuff...)
If you want to help with the porting itself, nice, but do it inside the
official things and don't provide dozens of _amd64 debs which equally are



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