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turion/mobile athlon benchmark


I am trying to decide whether to buy a turion/amd mobile laptop.  I
need to know how much performance I would gain compared to my 1.33 Ghz
G4 powerbook.  I mainly use the laptop for numerical work (I am an

I am asking those who own turion/mobile athlon based machines to

1. install the atlas3-test package,

2. run /usr/lib/atlas3-test/xzinvtst and send me the output,

3. tell me their cpu type, also do a cat /proc/cpuinfo

If people are interested, I can compile and share the results.  This
small atlas3 test utility is perhaps not the most comprehensive
benchmark of numerical performance, but it's the best I could think
of.  I am open to other ideas that involve atlas/blas...

Please reply/cc off-list, I am not subscribed.

Thank you,

Tamas Papp

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