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Installing Debian on sata drive with adaptec aic-8130 controller V2


sorry if not is the correct list, but I have found than this issue have been 
threaded before [1] and I have a  some aspects not very clear, I would like 
to ask  to the list about it.

We have bought a HPProliant ML150 G2 that comes with a RAID controller. This 
raid controller is a Adaptec HostRaid 8130 SATA Galileo/SATA II PI-X.

1) I have found some people that says that this controller is the _same_ (or 
can use) [2] the Marvell 88SX6541-BCZ driver. Please, could you confirm this?

2) in many places I see that the card is named my the vendor Hercules, but I 
found Galileo. It's the same? 

3) I couldn't to use the raid because I have only a HD. The newest installers 
detect my only disk, but when I try to install it all is very slow, and dmesh 
show a lot of timeouts errors from the ata driver. I think that I have the 
same behavior that [3], but the bug is marked as done. However I used a full 
cd from Thursday 16 March and I don't know if the bus is repaired.

4) I have found BIOS RAID support on Linux 2.6.x with dmraid [4], and maybe it 
could be a solution for who wants to use the raid. Someone have used it?

And well, the last one, (sorry for all the questions) it's worsewhile to 
install a amd64 debian version in a this box that comes with a xeon with emt?

Best regards,

and thank's in advance.


[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-amd64/2006/01/msg00676.html
[3] http://lists.debian.org/debian-boot/2006/03/msg00083.html
[4] http://tienstra4.flatnet.tudelft.nl/~gerte/gen2dmraid/

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