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ati vs nvidia, how to tell if sleep is supported


I need to get a new notebook in the near future, and want an AMD
Turion.  At the moment I am trying to narrow down the search, I found
some reasonably priced Asus, MSI and HP models.

Some models come with Nvidia cards, some with ATI.  On linux forums I
was told that I should avoid ATI because their attitude about Linux
support (especially for 64bit).  Is Nvidia better in this respect?
Should I prefer one over the other?  I am not doing any gaming, but
sometimes rely on OpenGL for data visualization.

Another thing I am concerned about is sleep (suspend to RAM).  Some
Turion notebooks are pretty new and not all of them have a writeup at
tuxmobil/linux-laptop.net, so I don't know if sleep works.  How can
one tell that by the specifications?  Which component does sleep
support depend on, the BIOS, the chipset, the graphics card?  Anything
to watch out for --- are there sleep problems with Nvidia/ATI?

Thank you,


PS.: I would also appreciate advice if people have a particular
Turion notebook to recommend (WXGA, DVD RW).

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