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Re: mysql dependancy problems.

On Tuesday 21 March 2006 20:29, Chris Wakefield wrote:
> Hi all.
> Well dang, I managed to unintentially mess up my mysql binaries.  So
> anyways, I tried to re-install mysql and found that I was froze out due to
> dependancy problems.
> When I try to install mysql-client-5.0, apt wants libmysqlclient15off
> installed ... when I install libmysqlclient15off, libdbd-mysql-perl has to
> be removed.  When I try to install mysql-client-5.0 again, apt wants
> libdbd-mysql-perl.  So there seems to be a direct conflict between
> libmysqlclient15off & libdbd-mysql-perl.
> Other than waiting for I'm not sure how long for the dependancies to be
> balanced, is there another temporary solution?
> Thanks for any ideas,
> Chris W.
This is an update to finish the thread.

After I got mysql-server-5.0 & the corresponding client installed (waited for 
the dependencies to balance out) I had to get phpmyadmin to work again.

I fiddled with httpd.conf, php*.ini,config.inc.php  & my.cnf several times 
each for settings like localhost, port 3306, root & passwords, etc.  In the 
end, all of this didn't help.  It was suggested to compile php5 to include 
mysql support, so I ran phpinfo.php in /var/www/ (put it there) and lo and 
behold, as I suspected:  Debian.amd64 compiled php5 WITH mysql support (of 
Finally, I think:  'apt-get remove apache --purge;apt-get install apache' did 
the trick.
I think the L.A.M.P. defaults in debian are pretty much designed to work upon 
installation for the basic desktop system, without (any?) editing of config 
Thanks to ALL who have bailed me on this one.
Chris W.

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