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ATI-driver will not start with 3D-acceleration (Update)

Hello all,

I looked into my system, and I suppose, the reaeson, why my ATI-acceleration 
does not work, might be due to the 64-Bit incompabiltiy. I found two 
different libGL.so,1.2 and two different fglrx_drv.so. These seem to be for 
32-Bit and 64-Bit. So far, so good. And I found several symlinks, pointing to 
the different libGL.so.1.2 and fglrx_drv.so.

Now my question: Where should the symlinks point to ?

These are the paths, where I found symlinks:


Hope, I did not forgot one. I suppose, the reason is, that the kernel-module 
and the fglrx-driver do not play together, due the kernel-driver is 64-bit 
(should be compiled this way !) and the driver 32-bit (due to wrong symlinks 
by the crappy ATI-installer) Could that be ?

Any help will be welcome. I tried all other postings out without success.
(thanks you very much till now!) 

Best regards 


Best regards



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