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Re: quiet dual dual-core opteron

If you're willing to perform some mods to the case, spraying the inside with Dynamat Accoustic Absorption spray reduces the noise noticably. If done well all internal surfaces including the sides of the PSU etc) the noise drop is dramatic.


That is *good* stuff generally, I keep a can right next to my WD40.

- Naz.

Peter A. H. Peterson wrote:
Hi All,

I know this is a little something of a tall order, but I am looking to
replace my aging SMP system with a dual, dual-core Opteron system
(probably Opteron 265s). Noise level is a primary concern because our
apartment is very small.
I recognize that this is quite a constraint, but then that's what
makes it interesting. The box will primarily be a server but may also
run MythTV. (Just to make it *really* interesting.)

I was thinking about using a ZMAX DP system, which is supposed to be
Dual-core ready (or so I've read), but then I have heard that the ZMAX
units run more around 50 db (more than the 38db on the ZMAX specs).
Plus, there's not much room for upgrading and I would be forced to use
USB network dongles... etc. And, I would prefer to use stock kernel or
experimental drivers -- I don't want to have to use binary nVidia
drivers. Is nForce3 fully supported without the binary drivers?

Then I started thinking about using a K8T Master2 Far-7 board because
it is only standard ATX and seeing if I could get that board into a
Sonata II case... but I'm not sure if that is even possible and, once
again, I can't seem to find a lot of specs about it or people who have

Does anyone have experience with a working dual, dual-core opteron
system that is less than full-tower size and relatively quiet? Or even
a quiet-but-full-tower machine?

If anyone has experience with the ZMAX unit and can speak to its noise
level (especially with dual core chips) that would be great too.

I figured that even if you guys didn't know these pieces of hardware
specifically, the peanut gallery would at least have opinions about
the best way to make a quiet dual dual-opteron server.



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